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Moments Together

Learning Through Playing

When you think of play what comes to mind? Play is different for everyone. For some people, creating art is play. For others, it’s climbing rocks. For others still, it’s writing. There are many different ways to play; it’s not just blocks and LEGOs.

Learning social skills can be tricky, and over time, We found that what worked best was using play. A child’s natural way of connecting and relating is through play. Play allows for real-world experiences and teachable moments to happen. These experiences and moments can be used to reinforce positive skills and redirect less desirable skills. For example, when playing a simple game like Connect 4, a child could work on social skills like:

  • Turn-taking
  • Patience
  • Compromise (who will be the red pieces and who will be the black pieces)
  • Winning and losing graciously

Playlrn Vision and Mission

We believe in discovering and experiencing fun for our children, and even for us, as parents.
At Playlrn, your child will grow, learn, and play as they spend time with friends, burn off energy, and celebrate special events like birthdays and more. Our indoor playground will be a safe, clean and fun-filled environment.
We offer unlimited play for children 0-12 years old. From a special toddler area for children learning to walk and/or needing a smaller area to play in to twisty tunnels and super slides for the bigger kids, Kidtastic Park will be strategically designed with parents and kids in mind. Please keep up with our updates on Facebook and Instagram.
Playlrn is subject to closing for private events and also for deep cleanings. Please check Facebook and Instagram for specials, events, and the latest information on possible early closings.